Saturday, 26 July 2014

Developing An Andriod Application!!!!

                                                      My college gave me 3 months of holidays and I had no plans how to use them. I got bored immediately the third day of my holidays itself. I then decided to learn Java at NIIT Mehdipatnam. It was very much fun learning there.Ac classrooms and new friends from different colleges. Got to learn so much. The duration of the course was 1 month. After one month, again I was feeling bored.

                                                     I didn't know what to do. I got an idea of developing an android application. From then onwards I made up mind that I should develop an android application by the end of my holidays. Guess what I did after so many problems. Thanks to for helping me solve my errors.

                                                  Now, when I look back what did I do in my holidays, I feel extremely happy for what I did and how it went on. In the month of May I went to java coaching, in the month of June I read php and android API stuff and in the month of July I developed the android application.

Link to my app:- Tracking System.