Saturday, 22 November 2014

Think once before throwing anything !!

Incident 01!!!!

                                            I was travelling from my college to my home yesterday in the evening. I got down the bus at the nearest bus stop to my house and was waiting for my father to come and pick me up. Suddenly, a man beside me asks a question "Where are you going?". I was wondering why he was asking me that question??!. Then, I gave him a weird look. He waited for my answer,but looking at my weird face he got that I won't answer him unless he tells me the purpose. Then he came to the actual point. He actually wanted to give me a APSRTC day pass so that I may use it and save money. I felt very happy with his intention of helping others to save money instead of throwing it away. By this, I have learnt very good thing that before throwing anything away I should atleast think once whether it is useful to anyone or not.If it is, then I should give them who can make the best use of it.