Friday, 25 July 2014

Experience Of Getting A Driving Licence!!!!

                                                             On April 6th, 2014 I became major which made me very happy and the only reason for it is that I can apply for a driving license and what not I can even watch adult movies in theaters. After a few days, I went to the nearest RTA office with my father to meet an agent for my driving license. He asked my father to pay him 3000 rupees for getting a driving license hassle-freely. Well, my father was shocked and refused to give him money and told me that "Beta,thu na online se karle, 3000 is too much". Then, I thought for few seconds and told myself "Why can't I apply through the correct procedure than giving bribe??". I decided to go through the correct procedure and applied for driving license online and booked a slot for learner's license for the next day in the nearest RTA office i.e Hyderguda. I went there 1 hour before and waited for sometime in the waiting hall assuming that I came so early, seeing the empty counters in the office. There was a board showing all traffic signs in the hall. So, I began to memorize all the traffic signs on the board  for the learner's test that I will be giving after sometime. After memorizing I went to the counter ,submitted my online receipt, gave my fingerprints and my photo. Then, they asked me to give the online test. They told me that out of 20 questions if I answer 12 questions correctly then I am passed. I passed the test even before answering all the questions. Then the police officer gave me a printout of my learner's license and asked me to go out. I was surprised and asked him "Was it over?". He replied "What more do you want?". I was surprised because it took only 10 minutes for me to get a learners licence. This changed my view of government offices in India.

                                                      After one month, I and my friend Venkatesh Narahari booked a slot for driving test in kondapur. We both went there, submitted our online receipts and he gave us two slips mentioning the track numbers in it. Me and my friend went to the car driving track first. I gave the test and drove through "H","8" and even "U" tracks successfully. Then he asked me to give the  bike riding test. I thought if I pass car driving test then there is no necessity to give bike riding test. But, it was my bad luck that he asked me to give even bike riding test. I had to ask outsiders for a
bike. One person gave me the bike after requesting him for many times. The police told me that I should not keep my legs on the ground while riding. I was so afraid but I finally did it. For me, bike riding test was more difficult than the car driving test. Then he gave me one slip with the "Passed" stamp on it and kept the other slip with him. The only thing that was unfortunate was my friend couldn't pass the car driving test because he forgot to drive through H and 8 tracks which he realized after coming to the exit gate of driving track .So, he went back  to complete the tracks which he had missed. But it was late by then, the police officer immediately decided not to pass him.

                                 I received my driving license nearly one month after giving the test. By this, I request everyone not to contact any agent for applying for a license. Online procedure is really easy and comfortable.